Smylist® therapy - a synopsis

According to Smylist®, all forms of dental treatment (smile designs, FMR's, TMD correctionss, ortho cases, implant treatment) should be centered around a symmetrically balanced mandible and balanced muscles. Therefore, the Smylist® positioner is the first choice in starting the therapy as a preparation before any complex treatment of the dentition is undertaken. Smylist® believes in using the most minimally invasive approach possible as the first choice for all cases. The Smylist® concept has identified mandibular deviations and disharmonies and termed it as a rotation of the mandible. Mandibular rotations happen when the maxillary teeth are not in the right place and do not guide the mandible suitably and nor do they act as a fence to hold the mandible in its apropriate place. The key of Smylist® therapy is to position the maxillary teeth based on the invidual facial geometry and individual midline and the occlusal plane.This helps bring the mandible into the balanced individual symmetrical position which also helps better body balance.

Since body balance is dependant heavily on the mandible being in its appropriate comfortable position. The objective is to establish the mandible in a balanced symmetrical position and thus have none of the the muscles associated with the mandible to be either over stretched or in spasm. The Smylist® approach is to use modern day minimally invasive digital techniques. The Staticus device is excellent in identifying body imbalances and the kind and extent of mandibular rotation. Coupled with the other signs of mandibular rotation, the exact extent and kind of rotation is further confirmed. The next step is to get the mandible in its most comfortable and balanced position.

Establishing the balanced position of the mandible is acheived by deprogramming the involved muscles using the Smylist® deprogramming technique. This position has to be then maintained by rehabilitating the maxillary and mandibular teeth and creating a balanced occlusion in this position.

The Smylist® positioner is a crtical element during pretreatment in the overall therapy to maintain the deprogrammed position of the mandible. This unique method can be successfully used for TMJ problems, dental problems, face ageing problems and the vast range of systemic problems. The novel Smylist® therapy approach ensures a long lasting natural as well as rehabilitated dentition. With the above method Smylist® therapy not only helps to find the most balanced occlusion but also achieves an enhanced body balance, relaxes inolved muscles, reduces/resolves TMJ disorders, makes the face look young and positively influences associated systemic issues.