The Smylist® deprogramming method

It is only logical for me to resolve a muscular problem by directly relaxing the stressed muscle instantly ..... Dr. Maria Csillag

The Smylist® deprogramming method is an extremely unique and fascinating method which allows deprogramming of the mandible in three dimensions, to be completed in just one sitting of 15 to 20 minutes based on the muscles individual momvement. Once a diagnosis has been done, the mandible has to be controlled and manipulated to move into its most comfortable position caled "The G space" and the muscles are relaxed. It is in this deprogrammed position that the Smylist® bite is to be taken which will ultimately be the position in which the maxilllary teeth will be reconstructed to provide a stop to the mandible and have it placed in the G space. The face muscles and face wrinkles diagnostics is critical to implement the deprogramming of the mandible in the appropriate and effective way.