The Smylist® Academy is the education and research division of Smylist® Global. The Smylist® Academy provides training and education on the Smylist® concept in multiple formats. There is a four day basic programs, a Masters training program, a one year advanced Fellowship program, one day interactive sessions and private training programs. The Academy also organizes one/two day conferences on the Smylist® concept where Smylist® dentists interact and share succesfully completed cases. Smylist® programs are available as both, online as well as face to face programs. Individually curated courses for private dental offices are also available on request. Smylist® Academy has a "train the master trainer" program. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Smylist® Master trainer.

The faculty is headed by Dr. Maria Csillag herself along with Dr. Ajay Kakar who are both directors in Smylist® Global. The Academy has Honorary Masters and Master trainers who are part of the faculty. The Master Trainers are completely coached and have done a special workshop at the Academy and are now certified to provide full fledged training under the Smylist® umbrella.

The academy also conducts studies and has numerous published papers in peer reviewed and indexed journals, related to the Smylist® concept. The Academy entertains new study projects and also assists in providing the necessary infrastructure for academic/clinical studies.

The Academy also accepts lecture invites which have a reputed stature from around the world. Dr. Maria and Dr. Ajay have lectured and conducted courses on the Smylist® concept in multiple countries over the past few years.