Making patients look 10 years younger

Gnathoageing are changes that take place on the face making an individual look much older than the natural age. These changes can be directly attributable to a rotated mandible. These changes are lack of skin tonicity, hypertrophy of the masseter muscles (making the face contour older), folds and wrinkles that develop on various places and loosening of the fascia. All these changes can be reversed if the mandibular rotation is diagnosed correctly and accurately.

The first step is to carry out the Staticus test and ascertain the kind and severity of mandibular rotation and body imbalance. The next step is to deprogram the mandible and bring it into the BMP position and capture the Smylist bite. Once the bite is achieved, a positioner can be made to reconfirm the results which will be apparent in a couple of weeks. The maxillary teeth then should be designed on the Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software and matched with the face. The final step is to rehabilitate the maxilla based on the software design and to build up the mandibular teeth based on the bite with canine and incisor stops.

Of course, it is absolutely fine to directly carry out the rehabilitation without the interim positioner therapy. The changes will soon be evident and in a couple of weeks the patient will look much younger and feel better. Overall, it will have a very positive impact. It will seem as if the patient has undergone a surgery with extensive cosmetic procedures. Smylist® delivers a non surgcial face lift using its essential principles of aesthetics and function.