One of its kind - The Smylist® Positioner

The Smylist® positioner is a removable acrylic device which will hold the mamdbile with all its muscles symmetrically bilaterally balanced. It is fabricated once deprogramming is done or the position has been ascertained after checking the body balance with the Staticus diagnostic deveice. The positioner can be given as an interim appliance before initiating complex therapy.

In cases where the body balance is severly compromised and the severity of rotation is extremely serious, giving a positioner may be mandatory to ensure relief for musclles which are in spasm. Positioners are to be worn by the patient only during night while sleeping.

Smylist® has different kinds of positioners for different situations. There are the standard positioners, positioners for patients with TMJ disorders , positioners for sports performance enhancement and for reversing Gnathoageing. Smylist® has certified dental labs for providing positioners to dentists. Physical or digital impressions with the Smylist® bite is all that is required to order a positioner from the lab.