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Dr. Martin Lampl

I just loved it! I use the smylist Methode because it’s the best and only way for me. Thats why I‘m not only talking about I allready started teaching. But I allways say that they should do the smylist Akademie. To be with Angel Maria and to understand 100 % the smylist System.(…)
Thank you very much and a kiss for Maria!
Best regards
PS: Budapest is super 👍

Aniruddha Kanjarpane

Proud of Dr Aniruddha Kanjarpane B, for being one of the Smylist Global – Aesthetic Dental Method, Software & Worldwide Education accredited dentists from India. It is a revolutionary, latest and amazing concept of dental treatment that would change how we see dentistry in future. To know more, walk in to Toothpix Dental Healthcare… World of smiles has got something new now!

Dr. Akansha Garg

Dear Mária,
Thank you for giving me opportunity to learn from you and be a part of Smylist family. I can’t express in words, how much enlightened I am feeling after learning about Smylist concepts. They are a revolutionary science and should be included in every dental college across world at graduate level itself. I will try my best to live upto of expectations of accredited Smylist member. It was great honour to meet you and know you.You have such beautiful vibe and positivity around you. Thank you for taking care of me and all of us so nicely. Wish your entire team all the very best. Looking forward your India trip! Love you so much – Akansha

Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna

Happy to be Accredited as a Smylist Dentist. A great concept for Musculoskeletal dentistry and TMJ related occlusion and rehabilitation. A simplified and revolutionary smile design approach with the most scientific concept. Thank you Team Smylist and Dr. MariaCsillag all the knowledge shared.