Full mouth Rehabs with Smylist®

Smylist® makes very effective use of digital technology to implement its logical and rational concepts to make a full mouth rehabilitaiton simpler and faster. It is possible that a 28 teeth rehab is completed with deprogramming and prosthetic restoration of all the teeth within four to five visits of the patient. Once a proper diagnosis regarding the rotation is arrived at with the help of the Staticus, the Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software makes it possible to virtually create the maxillary teeth on the basis of the individual midline, the occlusal plane and geometrical map of the face. This can be be completed in 15 minutes on the patients photographs and exported for use with the Smylist Lab Software.

Smylist® deprogramming is carried out in a short visit and the Smylist® bite is recorded. The maxillary teeth are designed on the Smylist® software and reproduced on a CAD CAM laboratory system. The mandibular teeth have to be built up to match the maxillary teeth with a canine and incisor stop. The relation of the maxilla and mandible is established by the Smylist® bite.

There are multiple options for restoring the damaged teeth. Teeth can be restored directly with composites, with onlay and table tops, with full crowns or a mix of these materials or with ortho treatment using traditional wires of aligners. It might involve prepping the teeth or it could be a prepless approach. Smylist® leaves this decision with the clinician. Irrespective of the material and method choices the process will remain the same. The primary objective is to bring the mandible into the G space, recreate the maxillary teeth with Smylist® principles of midline, occlusal plane and W.A.C.P and then restore the mandibular teeth to follow the maxillary in its BMP position.