The Staticus is a diagnostic device created by Smylist® for the purposes of identifying mandibular rotations and body balance discrepancy. It is the only one of its kind in the world of dentistry. It is a completely noninvasive and extremely easy to use. It evaluates how the body is compensating to the mandibular rotation and thereby computes the balance index of the patient. The software analyzes the captured data and precisely recommends the kind of balancing therapy required for the individual.

This device connects to any Windows 7.0 upwards computer with either a USB or a Bluetooth connectivity. Even though it is a hugely sophisticated technology, using it is extremely simple. It is a plug and play device and all it requires is to be plugged into the USB port of the computer in the dental office and can be disinfected after every use. Yes, it is a device placed on the floor which digitally captures the load pattern of the feet. Smylist® has created a software analytic tool which uses this data to assess the balance index of the individual being tested. This has been put together in the Smylist® Digital Assistant Software which is available totally free of cost as a downloadable program from the Smylist® Global website.

The advantages of incorporating the Staticus in your daily practice along with the Smylist treatment methods are many and varied. In a balanced body the mandible stays in a symmetrically balanced way. A balanced mandible has a very positive effect in all structures around it. It resolves a lot of TMJ problems, chewing issues, symptoms with the tongue, parafunctional habits (due to relaxed muscles), minimizes mobility and relapse after ortho treatmnet, positively influences periodontal therapy and could positively influence implant success. The balanced mandible also has a positive gnatho ageing effect (makes the patients look a decade younger). The lip and teeth relationship during smiling and speaking is also positively enhanaced. Read on to find out the opinion of dentists who have been using the Staticus diagnostic device for a few months.

Contact the Smylist® Global office to get a Staticus device to your dental office. A personnel from Smylist® Global will immediately contact you to arrange for a demonstration and installation.