What is Smylist® Global ?

Smylist® Global is a multinational company which brings the therapeutic benefits of the Smylist® concept and methods to all dentists around the world. It is headed by Dr. Maria Csillag from Budapest, Hungary who created the Smylist® concept and diagnositc methods and the Smylist® brand way back in 2008. Now it is going completely global at an international level and Dr. Maria Csillag is supported in the management by Dr. Ajay Kakar and Mr. Angira Arya.

Smylist® is an original and a completely novel and unique approach in dentistry. Right from her early years as a clincian, teacher and researcher, Dr.Csillag realized that smiles can and should be planned individually with objective rules and logical methods and that the most critical aspect in obtaining longevity of designed smiles and full mouth rehabilitations. It is the functional relationship of the mandibular teeth with the maxillary teeth which is the key element. The Smylist® concept has its unique facial analytic method, diagnosic devices like the Staticus and a completely original method to deprogram the mandible in a matter of a few minutes.

Smylist® Global has been created with the aim to spread this concept to all dental clinics around the world. To achieve this objective, Smylist® Global is providing training on the concept in multiple countries since 2008, and will now make available new diagnositc devices and the Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software which is already being used by close to 1000 dentists around the world and the new Smylist® Analytic software. It will also very soon release the deprogramming testing device which is being currently developed. Smylist® Global has a team of highly experienced dentists and marketing/financial leaders to make the concept known worldwide among the dental fraternity.

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