Ms Karishma Shah - Home maker from Dubai and married to Dr. Prakhar Shah

My name is Karishma Shah. Since many years I have been suffering from neck pain and severe pain on my right side, thus leading to a lot of health issues. I even started feeling like an eighty year old inspite of being in my thirties. My husband happens to also be a Smylist dentist now and he told me about this breakthrough treatment for someone like me. Prior to Smylist I have gone through many procedures but they all ended up in the same pain. I knew Smylist treatment would be the best option because my husband who had learnt the Smylist method recently. I went to Dr. Kakar in the Le Visage dental clinic in chembur. After being comfortable the treatment started. It is not like the other treatments where you need to face the needle or machines. I was only asked a few questions and then was asked to jump on a mat for three times . Then my jaw was touched a few times with opening and closing and I was given instructions which were given by the doctor and the doctor did something called deprogramming and I was given a temporary wax and scanning of my teeth was done. After some light exercises as well as walking for five minutes I felt like a completely different person. I slept well and I did not have any pain and after the treatement I do not have pain other wise I had terrible pain the whole day I would suffer in pain but right now also and after the treatment also I do not have any pain. I feel that I have travelled back in time the way I was ten years ago the way I was in my twenties. Imagine I used to feel like an eighty year old and now I feel like a 20 year old. So I slept well and I would like to thank Dr. Kakar for this amazing treatment he gave me and to Dr. Maria for creating this systemm without any medications. They are curing these ailments and lasttly I would also like to thank Dr. Prakhar Shah who is also my husband and to thank team Smylist for all the efforts to make patients like me so comofortable and treating us and I believe this treatment will cure so many people like me. Thank you so much Team Smylist, God bless and all the best.