Getting your Staticus Test Done

The Staticus test is a simple instant non invasive test to check and ascertain your body balance. The test has to be done with the Staticus device which is only available with a Smylist® dentist. The Staticus test is extremely simple. The Staticus is a mat which measures the body balance. All that is required is to step on the Staticus, and do three short jumps as instructed by the Smylist® dentist. All that it takes is about thirty seconds to do the Staticus test.

Once the test has been done, the Smylist® Digital Assistant software generates the body balance report based on the mandibular position. It is a known fact that the mandible is very closely related to the overall body balance. This diagnostic test from Smylist® gives the status of the load on both the feet which shows the balance/imbalance of the body. The body balance and the mandibular position has a strong co-relation. Smylist® studies with the device also shows this same co-relation. With the help of this test, your Smylist® dentist will be able to suggest how to balance the muscles of the mandible (lower jaw) and correctly position it and thus achieve a far more better body balance.


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