The Smylist® Key to a Healthy life - Body Balance

"A balanced body is the path to a healthy body, mind and soul with peace and contentment" ..... Dr. Maria Csillag

The human body has evolved into an upright natural position and it comprises of a highly complex set of organs and components which function and interact at a voluntary and an involutary level. One of the systems is the musculo skeletal system - the bones of body and the muscles attached to these bones. The muscles are the means for the human body to not only move, but also hold the 206 bone together in balance and for function. A muscle performs any action by being able to stretch and contract. When a muscle is contracted for an inordinately long period of time, it goes into a state of spasm which can take extremely long to relax and return to a state of rest. When in spasm, a muscle is quite painful and restrictive in action.

It has been known for almost a century, that the musculo skeletal system in human beings is bilateral with similar weight distribution on the left and right sides. In this musculo skeletal system, there is a very unique bone called the mandible. This is the lower jaw and houses the lower teeth. It is a mobile bone with a joint on both sides known as the Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ). Unlike all other joints of the body (shoulder joint, hip joint, knee joint) wherein the right and left joints work independently, both the TMJ's have to work in unison since they are connected. The upper teeth are housed in a bone called the maxilla and this bone is fixed to the cranium (The skull bone). The upper teeth guide the lower teeth and its bone, the mandible, into its place. When this guidance is correct the mandible sits comfortably in a state of rest and its movement is symmetrical on both the sides.

If the guidance of the mandible is not correct due to an improper position of the maxillary teeth, the mandibular movement becomes asymmetrical and imbalanced. This imbalance causes the muscles involved with mandibular movment on the right and the left side to become imbalanced also. The muscles on one side may be over stretched and on one side they may be contracted and even go to spasm. It is also known that this imbalance in the chewing muscles causes problems in the joints of the mandible (TMJ). Studies have also shown that this is connected to an improper body posture. Smylist® has now shown that this imbalance can trigger a chain of events througout the body.

The muscles and bones of the body from head to toe are interconnected and function as a complex entity. Smylist® has compared this to a spiders web. A slight pull or a tug on any part of the web has an effect on the entire web and some parts are streteched apart and some are contracted. The same happens with the muscles of the human body. The mandible sits right at the top of the musculo skeletal system. When its movement gets imbalanced and muscle on one side gets over stretched and the other side gets over contracted, the muscles around it start compensating for this imbalance. This is a slow progression of events starting with the head muscles, progressing to the neck, the shoulder, the upper back, the mid back, the hips, the knees and the feet. This is what Smylist® calls the Negative Cascade Effect .

This effect can lead to a plethora of painful systemic conditions. It can possibly cause migraine type headaches,vision problems, ringing in the ear, neck pain, difficulty in turning the head, shoulder pain, difficulty in raising one hand, upper back pain, mid back pain, lower back pain, knee joint pain, chronic acidity and a few other situations also. It is indeed suprising, but an established fact that the mandible, when not positioned correcty, can lead to all these painfull and damaging situations. A Smylist® dentist can check your body balance and recommend a special device called as a positioner, which has to be worn during the night to relax the muscles and/or suggest correcting the maxillary and mandibular teeth to ensure that the mandible is brought into the right position and fhe body is in balance.

Look for a Smylist®dentist to help you correct any problems you might be having.