The Smylist® Solutions for body imbalances

"Applying logical reasoning is the best way to find the solution to any problem" ..... Dr. Maria Csillag

There will be queries in your mind as to why the body is imbalanced. Smylist provides very clearcut answers to these queries. The imbalance process starts with the asymmetrical functioning of the muscles of the body, including the muscles of the mandible leading to an improper positionring of the mandible. The upper teeth do not guide the mandibile to its desirable position which creates the muscle asymmetry. Smylist® thus provides the methods to improve the muscle asymmetry and the mandibular position.

An incorrect mandibular position can not only cause a lot of damage and wear and tear to the teeth but could also lead to a number of systemic problems. Smylist® has two approaches to resolve any of these issues. The objective of these solutions is to bring the mandible into its ideal deriable position and relax all the involved muscles. This can be done on a transient basis or permanent basis. The transient correction is achieved with a removable device called the "Positioner" which has to be only worn in the night during sleeping. The permanent approach is to build up the maxillary and mandibular teeth so that the mandible is guided to the correct place by the restored teeth. This process is referred to as a "Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR)".

Your Smylist® dentist will give you the option of getting a positioner fabricated as well as the FMR. The positioner given to you will have to be worn only during the night while sleeping. When you wear the positioner, the muscles of the lower jaw get relaxed. This has a positive influence throughout the following day. It is generally advised to wear the positioners for a minimum of two weeks to benefit from the muscle relaxation and to get the body balanced. The positioner is only an interim device and not a permanent solution for the body imbalance.

The permanent treatment is to do a FMR in which all the existing teeth will be built up to ensure that the maxillary teeth guide the mandible into a proper position so that the balance is restored. This is a more elaborate treatment and will take a few visits to the dentist. This is also a more definitIve treatment.

Improving the body balance will also enhance the longevity of your teeth tremendously by reducing the stress and asymmetrical loads on the dentition. It will also control the damage and wear & tear to the teeth. Not just your teeth but also any work done in your mouth like implants, fillings, crowns, veneers etc. Smylist® firmly believes that teeth should last a lifetime.

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