Redesigning your Smile with Smylist®

Come and get a smile design done with a Smylist® dentist and redefine your personality. Smylist® dentists have a very advanced way of recreating smiles by harmonizing the smile with the face with a technique called "Geometric Face Mapping" which has a logical set of objective rules which are applied in the creation of a smile in all kinds of situations. It can be used even if teeth are missing or after orthodontics treatment has been done or if many teeth have to be restored with caps or veneers.

Smylist® has used digital technology and created a very special software called the "Smylist Aesthetic Design Software" which will assist your Smylist® dentist to plan and design your smile on your photographs. The software will generate a virtual smile and show the effect of the smile on your face without even touching your teeth. The teeth will match your facial features and will be functionally created in an ideal fashion.

The creator of the Smylist® concept, Dr. Maria Csillag passionately believes that a harmonious and functional smile, not only changes the looks and aesthetics from the exterior but also will enhance and beautify your personality and your soul by creating the harmony between the smile and the face geometry. The reason for this is that your mind and soul are a reflection of how you feel about your body. When you experience this harmony in your smile, your face and your body, it makes a positive effect on your mind, your thoughts, your energy... essentially your entire being and ultimately makes you feel the harmony from the inside.

"Harmony is the essence of our existence and I always strive to achieve and create it in all facets of life" ..... Dr. Maria Csillag

Look for a Smylist®dentist to get your new smile.