Dentistry has been changed by Smylist®

"Applying logical reasoning is the best way to find the solution to any problem" ..... Dr. Maria Csillag

Smylist® is an original and a completely novel innovation in dentistry and comprises of special diagnostic methods and tools, an in house smile design software, an analytic software and unique digital techniques for quick and reliable rehabilitation of all kinds of cases, from simple conditions to very advanced and complex treatments. Smylist® is the creation of Dr. Maria Csillag from Budapest, Hungary. Smylist® has a two pronged blended approach to dentistry. Smylist® provides precise cosmetics and customized smile designs while at the same time restoring desired functional relationships of the upper and lower teeth.

Using Smylist® aesthetic methods, dentists can now give you harmonious and ideal smiles which are individually designed to match perfectly with your face and body physiognomy. The other aspect of Smylist® is pathbreaking and is expanding the scope of dentistry like never imagined. Dentists have been treating your teeth and fixing dental problems. Now they will do much more. .......

Smylist® dentists can now help you in managing your migraines, TMJ disorders, ringing in the ear, neck aches, cervical spondylitis, shoulder pains, back aches, acidity, shortness of breath, knee problems and some more. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. The Smylist® concept is completely logical, rational and scientific and has shown how the lower jaw can be the root cause of so many musculo skeletal as well as internal organ disorders. The lower jaw, known as the "Mandible" is a very unique bone in the body. It is connected on both sides to the cranium with its extensions known as the condyles. It moves and functions in unison since it is a one piece bone. When the movement of the mandible becomes asymmetrical it causes various systemic problems. Depending on the duration and extent of damage caused, the systemic problems can be completely reversed or partially corrected using Smylist® therapy methods.

The first step for you is to get your body balance checked with our device, the Staticus, to bring your body into balance by Smylist dental work and your new smile. Smylist creates harmony.

Look for a Smylist®dentist to help you correct any problems you might be having.