The revolution in Aesthetic Dentistry Taking the world of Smile Designing and Complex Dentistry by storm.

Smylist® gives you the opportunity to raise the bar of your Aesthetic Dentistry practice several levels. Patient in the focus.
"I believe with Smylist® Method we can make the world better: individual, complex, good function, harmonious smile, nice face aging, harmonised posture, wellbeing with rules of a new concept. Enjoy it."
— Dr. Mária Csillag —

Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software – SMILE and FACE Design


With 60.000 smile template

Single tooth design

Easy clicking within minutes

Colormatching function

Gumline designing

Ceramic effect

Print and store function

Virtual wax up


Internet support

Connected courses and Academy

“Smylist is the result of my obsessive passion to relate the facial musculature with the movement of the mandibular teeth in harmony with the maxillary teeth and how the maxillary teeth serve as a guide to the only bilaterally connected joint in the human body” – Dr. Maria Csillag


Smylist® Academies – International and Hungarian


  • Rules of general aesthetic design and smile designs, the Smylist method, the Smylist theories, the concept of digital aesthetic design and designing using the Smylist Aesthetic Design Software
  • Using the Smylist method for advanced complex clinical cases
  • Facial aesthetic design using the MyActiveFace technique for facial muscle diagnostics and therapy in practice as part of the Smylist method.
  • The direct contouring veneer technique using the Smylist design for minimally invasive procedures. From digital smiles design to direct composite constructions.
  • Complex design of tenuia, non-prep veneers and conventional veneers in accordance with the Smylist theories, with software-assisted design and a silicone preparation template
  • Tooth prepartions on the basis of Smylist pre-planning.

Other than the detailed course Smylist Academy also offers a onsite courses, specifically customized individual training and also specially designed programs in other international locations.



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