Welcome to the 2nd International Smylist Conference

This event promises to deliver to you innovative and amazing clincial techniques to take your dentistry to the next level. This conference will show you the path towards becoming a Smylist dentist and a Smylist physician. Listen to the experts as well as the young fresh blood talking about how they are applying Smylist concepts and enhancing their practice several notches. Of course, loads of fun, enjoyment, sightseeing and bonding will happen pre and post scientific days in the spectacular cities of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Curated by the best in the knowledge about Thailand, the full five day package will be unbelievable value for money. Sign up soon and take advantage of the early bird registration. The conference is targetted for a cosy group of 150 delegates only. To ensure your participation, sign up and pay a token amount of Rs 5,000/-. This is what the 2nd International Smylist conference bring to you .....

  • High end education
  • Apply the latest digital techniques
  • The most innnovative speakers
  • Scale up your practice several notches
  • Optimize your dental chairside time
"I take this opportunity to personally invite you to the 2nd International Smylist conference. The first conference was a very exciting and educative experience and very sure that that the 2nd time around it will be twice the learning and twice the fun. I set a benchmark of a very high standard in 2022 and I aim to raise the bar considerably for 2023. Just come and immerse yourself in this outstanding event."

.......Maria Csillag