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Smylist® in Ghent, Belgium at Metrics in Balance Center

Smylist Team in Ghent by night and day.
Amazing city with unbelivable medieval details on the buildings.

Meeting at Metrics in Balance Center.
Real inspiration.

More about: Smylist® Methods

International Academy 22-26. May

Smylist® digital workflow are spreading. Seeing that great lecturers from all over the world understand and teach your own Method and Software designing it’s fantastic feeling. Smylist® Method and Designing is very clear, easy to learn and we am sure this Method is going to make significant changes on the whole dentistry.

We know very qualified dentists with great knowledge about aesthetic and function. It was pleasure these 5 days.

Smylist® Academy in July. Don’t miss it! Unforgettable experience, revolutionary theories.


Articles about Smylist® Methods in two dental magazines

Articles of dr. Maria Csillag about Smylist® Method

Complex technique for full mouth reconstruction based on face, muscle and posture diagnostic to set the proper mandible position and create harmonious smile based on Smylist® rules.

Fantastic Method;-)

Learn with us at Smylist® Academy: Read more about the Academies


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