Smylist® Lab

The Smylist® Laboratory Software (Smylist® Lab)  is a most powerful add on to the Smylist® Aesthetic Design software. The Laboratory software from Smylist® takes off from the final designed virtual smile and will generate a template which can be exported and used by Exocad as well as 3 Shape which are the leading laboratory CAD CAM design softwares.

This ensures that the final product which will be generated will be extremely close and more or less the same as the virtually designed veneers/crowns/onlays.


The Smylist® Lab software was developed for dental technicians which gives an opportunity to plan more consciously the three-dimensional, scanned or optical imprinted stl file format works in the open-sourced CAD-CAM system, using the patient’s face image taken by the Smylist® Aesthetic Design software, which includes the midline settings, reference lines, aesthetic plan and measurements.


The Smylist® Lab gives the dental technician an opportunity to make virtual wax ups, PMMA, temporary or permanent works, dental implants, combined works, complete removable works by watching the patient’s face and its anatomical structure through a translucent interface designer layer on the screen. The formal and functional positioning and execution of the works is simple and can be performed much more consciously. Dental technicians can customize their own settings, measurements, change the opacity and save specific settings in the Smylist® LAB software.

The following settings can be used in the Smylist® Lab Software purposely:


the centre line and the reference lines

the outline of the mouth

the outline of the teeth

gingival horizon

the measurements

custom settings of the montage effect opacity

This case right side was made with using of Smylist® Designer software and Smylist® Lab.






The following pictures can be saved from the Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software:

  • pictures of slight and wide smile with midline systems and measurements
  • pictures taken with retractor with midline systems and measurements
  • profile pictures and incisal profile pictures
  • pictures with measurements

The following information can be saved from the Smylist® software:

  • the patient’s face with its midline and reference lines
  • the inter incisal plane
  • the incisal plane
  • the length and position of the canines
  • the occlusal plane
  • the form and the position of the maxillary teeth according to eight parameters of Smylist® software
  • the montage effect: the initial-planned state or prepared-state with transparency
  • relation of the lips and teeth
  • measurements on the teeth, gums and between the chunk and the proposed teeth length etc.
  • The 3D teeth stock, according to the designed parameters

The Smylist® midline systems, reference lines and measured distances can easily be applied to the design. The Smylist® Lab software helps the dental technician positioning the interim denture correctly, determining exactly the correct inter incisal, incisal lines and occlusal plane, furthermore the exact position of the teeth.



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