Smylist® Academy March/2018, International, India

We are so grateful to meet you, Budapest Team from India!

We hope you got a lot of knowledge and had fun too in the last 5 days!

Taste Smylist® face and muscle diagnostic and software designing with Indian participants at Smylist® Academy. ( official video coming soon )
Enjoy our enthusiasm! Viva Smylist®! Next academies: May, June, July/ 2018.

Photos of this course:

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We are very very thankful and proud of Mona Kakar and Ajay Kakar (who have already learned Smylist technique), that they have lectures at Smylist® Academy to their Indian collegues about software using. We are happy how Smylist® spreads. 😌

Smylist® Academy in Budapest right now: sightseeing in segway with our group from India (And of course learning as always  )

At Lake Balaton for 2 days. With Smylist® methods and lot of practicing with dr. Maria Csillag.
It’s a grateful task to give knowledge for just an openminded group like this!

Welcome new Smylist® dentist after a certification procedure in Smylist® Family:-) . We are very proud of you.

Congratulations to :

1. Dr. Jeetendra Revamkar
2. Dr. Roopa Rajeev
3. Dr. Ajit Shetty
4. Dr. Sanghmitra Dasgupta
5. Dr. Shailesh DIvecha
6. Dr. Rahul Oza
7. Dr. Saba Rasool
8. Dr. Thomas Paulose
9. Dr. Angad Patel
10. Dr. Tapan Desai
11. Dr. Dhirajkumar Mankar
12. Dr. Kavita Bhandare
13. Dr. Nikita Shah
14. Dr. Divya Mehra
15. Dr. Ajay Kakar
16. Dr. Mona Kakar
17. Ms Shraddha Bhatkar (Master Dental Technician)
18. Mr. Rajesh Khakhar


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