Indian Smylist Academy 28thFebruar-3th March

Indian Smylist Academy 28th Februar-3th March

Press Conference in Mumbai Press Club about the Smylist Method and the first Indian Smylist Academy. This method could help dentist to treat their patients in Smylist way, concentrating not only the teeth but the function, muscles and the whole body. The solution comes from face and TMJ diagnosis and digital design of the teeth and the jaw. 

If you would like to learn the Method apply for the next Academy:

Indian Smylist Academy 2019

What an exciting day at Smylist India Academy in Mumbay! Practicing favourite part of my Theories: Smylist Method for Instant deprogramming of the mandible. Unbelivable thechnique.If You would like to join us next time and learn the Method, Apply for the next Academy in Budapest:

The first Indian Smylist Academy with huge number of participants. I was amazed this fantastic group. Thank you for the perfect organization for dr Ajay Kakar and Mona Kakar and their team. It was a pleasure to share my knowledge and my Smylist Method . I wish you could use Smylist technique in your everyday praxis in every cases. Congratulation to all of you for your Certification. Be proud of it.❤️ From now you has became a dedicated smylist dentist. See you very soon at the Smylist Upgrade course .

Smylist Indian Academy. Huge revolutionary knowledge about function,muscles, aesthetic, face, posture, TMJ, Bite, deprogramming, aesthetic design, occlusion, G-field an so many things. This is Smylist Concept. Unbelievable experiences, deprogrammed muscles, and bodies, software design in a conscious way, certificates, new Smylist dentists, dance, open eyes, and love. I enjoyed teaching my Concept. There are no words what I am feeling now. Viva Smylist for a better world🤗


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