Smylist® in India

Smylist® course diagnostic and functional-aesthetic part too in Karnal. Congratulation all of the participants. Two hard days, new approach and open minds . Thank you for learning with me. It was my pleasure and honor to teach You. Spread Smylist® more !

Dr. Mária Csillag is giving a tv report to Indian local television about Smylist® Method , complexity of smile / function- bodyposture – and pains.

Why is Smylist® Method soooo interesting?
Come to one of our Academies in Budapest and discover it!
17-19. Oct – in English
12-16. Nov – in Hungarian
26-28. Nov – in English – Academy for future Lecturers
10-14. Dec – in English

Smylist® in Kijev

“Smylist® lecture and demonstration course was great in Kiev . Openminded dentist ❤️ . I showed them how they could make aesthetic and TMJ diagnosis and complex treatment in Smylist® way , easy, logically and conscious. Smylist® Method is amazing. Sometimes you could find solution looking at the things from a different aspect . It works👌 Follow us and learn Smylist® Method with us!” – Dr. Maria Csillag

ESCD annual meeting 2018 in Lisbon

Dr. Maria Csillag, our main lecturer is the leader of the Hungarian ESCD Group. In 19-22. Sept were the annual ESCD meeting in Lisbon.

“ESCD in Lisbon from my official and my personal point of view. Great meetings that warm my heart. Stronger ESCDd Family and fantastic Hungarian ESCD group with lot of fun and friendship .We will continue the next Congress in St.Petersbourg.” – Dr. Maria Csillag:


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