Dr. Maria Csillag

Working on Smylist® Book with Dr. Ajay Kakar

Working on Smylist® Book with Dr. Ajay Kakar at the lake of Balaton. We stopped for having a little pause and fun in Tihany . This is our place  pictures: we are sitting on the bench (from last year and now ).

Lumineers workshop Budapest

Smylist® methods in Lumineers workhop, Budapest with Dr. Mária Csillag!

Smylist® Academy in Budapest – 12-16/November

Academy with Dr. Mária Csillag:
Explaining the movement of the condyle, mandible and the body relation in the aesthetic. How Smylist Rules wake in the practice is really amazing!

Connection between body posture – teeth and mandible

How can be used Smylist Method in action? 
Very easy, conscious and fast.
You can’t imagine but during 30 minutes we finished with examination, photo shooting , software design for 3D, making diagnosis regarding the mandible position, creating treatment plan and making biteregistration in vivo for therapy.

Preparation with microscope:
Microscope driven dentistry (2 days) with Dr. Adam Gombos.
Both theory and hands-on!
This part of Academy is supported by 3M.


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