Smylist® Academy in Budapest with dentists from India:

14-16/01 – Vertical position & Gnathology course – Budapest

Defining vertical position & Gnathology course in Budapest
Lecturer: Dr. Maria Csillag, founder, CEO of Smylist

Learn how to defining bite, treating patients with complex cases & gnathological problems.

Smylist method and complex-case treatment
• Individual face driven smile design, custom smile design,
• Smylist® Midline concept,
• 8 Aesthetic parameters,
• W.A.C.P. Technique White Aesthetic Conscious Pre-planning),
• Psychomorphology base on personal typology,
• Geometrical face analysis,
• Parallel harmonisation rules,
• Case studies

Fee: 500 EUR / 3 days
It contains every day coffee and lunch
After the education you have the chance to discover Budapest.

Details & application:
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07-08/02 – Vertical position & Gnathology course – Budapest

Vertikális pozíció meghatározása, komplex esetek ellátása, gnatológiai panaszok esetén is

Oktató: Dr. Csillag Mária

Elméletek és komplex esetek gyakorlati megoldása

• Egyénre szabott mosolytervezés
• Smylist® Egyedi középvonali rendszer megismerése,
• 8 Esztétikai paraméter
• W.A.C.P. technika
• Perszonáltipológia
• Az arc geometriai elemei,
• Paralel harmonizációs szabályok
• Arcizom analízis
• Gyakorlat lépésről lépésre

Részvételi díj:
100.000 Ft / 2 nap
A képzés frissítőt és ebédet tartalmaz.

Részletek és jelentkezés:

The courses are available in English or Hungarian.

The Smylist® Academy is based in Budapest in Hungary and conducts courses on a regular basis in the center. The academy is headed by Dr. Maria Csillag who is also the orginator of the Smylist® concept and chief developer of the Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software. She is supported by other dentists, Master dental technicians as well as a profession photographer to cover various elements of the entire program.

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The program takes one through the entire elements of diagnositics which inludes facial diagnostics, geometric matching, photo diagnostics and facial muscle diagnostics. The days also include backward planning using the W.A.C.P technique and the Smylist® pre-planning methodology. The program also imparts training on the Smylist® software and how to implement cases with the software. A full detailed training on facial harmonisation and muscle exercises is included in the program. Plus: body balance, vertical dimension setting, and proper occlusion, digital workflow 2D-to CAD_CAM, posture,  live demonstration.

What the 5-day course will provide

  • Smylist® Academy 1st day: Smylist method and complex-case treatment
  • Smylist® Academy 2nd day: Photo course and Smylist® digital day &digital workflow (2D-3D) Smylist® Aesthetic software (If you have an own camera, please bring it with you)
  • Smylist® Academy 3rd day: Preparation marathon with microscope
  • Smylist® Academy 4th day: Direct veneer course with microscope
  • Smylist® Academy 5th day: Face aesthetic course, TMJ &posture complex cases

This course curriculum covers:

Rules of general aesthetic design and smile designs, the Smylist® method, the Smylist® theories, the concept of digital aesthetic design and designing using the Smylist® Aesthetic Design Software

Using the Smylist® method for advanced complex clinical cases

Facial aesthetic design using the MyActiveFace technique for facial muscle diagnostics and therapy in practice as part of the Smylist method.

The direct contouring veneer technique using the Smylist® design for minimally invasive procedures. From digital smiles design to direct composite constructions.

Complex design of tenuia, non-prep veneers and conventional veneers, table tops, inlayveneers, in accordance with the Smylist® theories, with software-assisted design and a silicone preparation template

Tooth prepartions on the basis of Smylist® pre-planning.

Other than the detailed course Smylist® Academy also offers a onsite courses, specifically customized individual training and also specially designed programs in other international locations.


Because of the number of available microscopes, participation is limited: max 12 people

Special trainings

  • Our on-site courses

Our half-day, one-day or 2-day courses on the topics of the above modules are recommended for clinics and organised groups. Based on prior arrangement with a professional leader, training is also possible on jointly agreed topics, for a half-day, daily or specially configured price. For more information please contact: Dr. Maria Csillag, tel.:+36 30 394 – 4010

  • Individual training

Individual training is charged by the hour. Topic: from the Modules listed above, or case discussion. To request an appointment and more information, please contact: Dr. Maria Csillag, tel.:+36 30 394 – 4010


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